Liquid Waste & Portable Toilets

As a licensed waste carrier, Ness Engineering has the authorisations, the equipment and the skilled staff needed to deal with any waste management challenge.

We specialise in liquid waste handling and our vehicles and equipment enable our experienced workforce to tackle liquid waste transport, septic tank emptying and the thorough cleaning of drains, ducts, manholes, gulleys and wetwells.

We also deal with all kinds of solid wastes. We can supply waste skips and we’ll be happy to remove larger items of waste. We’re also able to remove and dispose of hazardous waste in full compliance with the requirements of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Where the job involves entering or working in confined spaces, our staff have all the necessary safety equipment and training.

We also have a number of portable toilets available for hire.

We can solve your waste problem efficiently, safely and economically. Just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to give you a competitive quotation.

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