Heating Boilerhouse at Wilsness Terminal, Sumburgh Airport, Shetland

Complete Refurbishment of heat source equipment, including new boilers, pressurisation systems, control equipment and Flue System at Sumburgh Airport.

  • Year: 2010
  • Client: Highland and Islands Airports Limited

​The heating system for the airport terminal at Sumburgh Airport dated from 1979, when the Wilsness terminal was opened. By 2010, it was in need of major refurbishment.

Ness Engineering installed the new boilers, pressurisation systems, flues and all other equipment.

The original heating plant was removed and replaced with modern energy efficient boilers and pressurisation equipment. The existing 25M chimney stack was removed and replaced with new double lined stainless flues.

These improvements have shown considerable efficiencies for the client and provide reliable heating to the Airport Terminal building. The capital cost involved with this project has been repaid in energy and maintenance savings within 2 years.