Lerwick Gala 2016 - Sponsorship

The Lerwick Gala will be held on Saturday 25th June at Gilbertson Park and Ness Engineering are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring a couple of the stalls at this years Lerwick Gala.

The stalls we will be sponsoring are the Gauntlet Joust and the BBQ.

The Lerwick Gala committee are sourcing as much as they can from local shetland businesses so all the meat products are being supplied by J K Andersons butchers, and the Walls Bakery is supplying the rolls for the BBQ. In addition to this all the milk will be supplied by the Sheland Farm Dairies

We hope that the weather is nice on the day and that a lot of people can attend to support the The Scouts in their fundraising endeavours.

To get updates on all the stalls, and attraction please go the the Lerwick Gala Facebook event page using the link below

Lewrick Gala Facebook Event Link